Statement on the draft bill for the law on autonomous driving

ITS Germany e.V. has issued a statement on the draft bill on autonomous driving.

In general, the drafts assume that autonomous driving vehicles will travel autonomously, i.e. without any communication with the road traffic infrastructure or other vehicles. Consequently, this communication is not considered in draft, either. ITS Germany e.V. called this corresponds, neither to short- or medium-term realities. A central reason for this is to ensure road safety, especially the protection of pedestrians and cyclists (VRU Vulnerable Road Users) in urban / inner-city areas.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that the draft legislation be revised soon. Moreover, that the additional sensors required in the road space and communication with the road traffic infrastructure be included.

You can download the detailed statement in German, here

New member: T-Systems International GmbH

We welcome T-Systems International GmbH as a member of ITS Germany. T-Systems International GmbH has locations in over 20 countries, 37,900 employees and external revenues of 6.8 billion euros (2019), T-Systems is one of the world's leading multi-vendor digital service providers headquartered in Europe. We are looking forward to a successful future collaboration.

Günther Weber elected Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the ITS Nationals

  • Term of office: 2 years
  • Focus: Strengthening the cooperation
  • Forum D-A-CH already established

Berlin, August 18, 2020 - The network of national ITS associations, ITS Nationals, has elected ITS Germany board member Günther Weber as its chairman. His term of office is 2 years.

The association of ITS Germany e.V. and the German ITS community congratulate Mr. Weber on his election. The focus of his work will be, increasing the cooperation of the national ITS associations among each other and ERTICO, too.

Mr. Weber says: "As Chairman of the ITS Nationals, it is very important, to promote dialogue and cooperation between the national ITS associations. We should lay the foundation for this through regional cooperations. Already, we have successfully established such a format between the associations in the D-A-CH region. This can serve as an example for further future, new and innovative dialogue formats during the post-Corona era."

Martin Russ, Weber's predecessor and Secretary General of ITS Austria, said: "As the previous Chairman of the ITS Nationals, I am pleased that with Günther Weber an internationally experienced and recognized expert will continue the work and give the national and regional ITS associations in Europe a strong voice - especially towards the implementation of new and effective ITS solutions with added value. As Secretary General of ITS Austria, I welcome the new chairman of activities in the DACH region, that sets in motion, too."

Thomas Krause, Chairman of ITS mobility e.V., said: "ITS Nationals is the essential body of all ITS regional associations in Europe. Together with Günther Weber as the newly elected Chairman of ITS Nationals, we are looking to the previous successful work, that will be seamlessly continue. Günther Weber will be get a strong voice on the European level for the European ITS regional associations."

Dr. Andreas Kronawitter explains: "ITS-Switzerland congratulates Günther Weber on his election as 'Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the ITS Nationals'. We are very happy and looking forward to the future cooperation within the ITS Nationals, which will further invigoriate our cooperation in the DACH region."